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The Big Secret Vendors List

I remember so clearly, three years ago, me sitting in my room, on my laptop, frustrated, trying to figure out where I should go to get clothes for my boutique. All my Google searches we’re bringing up China sites like Lovely Wholesale that I had already given so much money to and receive trash in return! Not literally, but you get my point.

Even when I reached out for help, no one wanted to let me in on this “BIG SECRET.” I wasted time and money when all I need was just a little HELP!

That’s probably YOU right now! You have a dream, you know you’re called to this, you just need someone, ANYONE, to point you in the right direction because you don’t have another dime or hour to waste‼️‼️

And you won’t! This guide is going to be one of the GREATEST investments you make in your business. With more than 20 pages of content including 150 vendors, wholesale hub sites (both domestic and international), PLUS a list of wholesale fashion districts, and tips on how to shop these sites, you’ll be ready to stock your boutique in NO TIME.

AND ... I also included bonus content, 6 Easy Steps to Start an Online Boutique! I break down exactly what you need to do to get up and running in 30 days!

It doesn’t get better than that, so grab your copy or gift this to someone you know aspires to a Boutique Boss‼️‼️

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