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The Big Secret Boutique Vendor List

The “Big Secret” Boutique Vendor List

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The “Big Secret” Boutique Vendor List

Now, there have been a lot of people selling vendor lists lately, but many are not actually listing the stores they get their clothes from. Of course not, right, that's bad business to share your secrets. I used to think like that, but I honestly believe that what God has for me, is for ME! I will not lose anything from sharing because everyone's approach to business and style is different. That's what makes this industry so beautiful and lucrative. 

So, I've put together "The "BIG SECRET": The boutique vendor list that nobody wants you to have."  This list consists of of American wholesale vendors, international wholesale vendors, and fashion districts in the country. I also specify the names of  more than 70 ACTUAL stores where I and many of your boutique idols shop at.

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